Harry Potter [Tea Tales]

Well it’s time of the year again. I’m kind of pissed off and I’m not sure why, so let’s take a piss at something. Today, it’s Harry Potter. Look, admittedly it’s kind of a low hanging fruit, but that’s why I’m going to do something a little different with it. Where I stand right now, I feel like the series is a perfect platform to commence a rant on a whole sleuth of problems with fiction far bigger than the story itself. Continue reading


Captain America – The Winter Soldier [Tea Tales]

So I promised that I would be writing this, and so here I am. In a timely fashion, or rather fashionably late, as always. I didn’t watch this in a movie theatre, so I have no gasps from the audience to rely on a reference. This is relevant because I’m not someone who’s familiar with the Marvel universe. I’m not invested in their franchises nor their characters. The only reason I watched this movie in the first place was because of a friend telling me to. That I did, a month later than I should have. Perhaps not, as it allowed me a leveled head and a cup of tea to truly figure things out. Also I should note that I haven’t yet watched the prequel, but I know a few things I picked up here and there about the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. Regardless, read on. Do note that if you’re crossing this line, you should be expecting spoilers. I repeat, turn away now, because this isn’t a hype piece. There is no second chances. Good luck. Continue reading

The Wizard of Oz [Tea Tales]


Just in case it isn’t obvious, this is not a place for reviews. Reviews require commitment and professionalism, both of which such a spontaneous medium I am currently working off of has not prove suitable. With that out of the way, I suppose it is long overdue that I write about this film. I was not very much alive back in 1939, and it being such an old film with no historic significance overseas meant that I never really had a chance to see it until after I came to America, and by that I mean last month. Continue reading

Frozen [Tea Tales]



I watched Frozen about a week ago, give or take. Honestly, I didn’t think I would be writing about it, but here I am once again. I am rather surprised at myself for preferring to write Tea Tales about movies, but I suppose that’s because they are much more bite-sized and validly critiqued, unlike books which are far too long for the time I have now, and music which I must admit I am no expert of. There’s always video games, I suppose, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole this time. So, back to this movie. I watched it alone on a Saturday night, and I was very skeptical of it. I have heard so many good things that started to get to me. It’s my second nature to doubt the popular opinion, and whether you think that’s good or not, I would like to say that as far as the movie is concerned, I was surprised.

Continue reading

The LEGO Movie [Tea Tales]


So I went to see the LEGO Movie the other day, on premier night I might add, so I figured I might as well write about it. No, I actually didn’t bring tea to a movie theatre at 10 in the afternoon to watch a movie about LEGOs, but I don’t have any better working title. This also means that this blog post contains spoilers, so don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet. If you skipped this part and get spoiled by the end, know that it’s your own bloody fault. Also, there are a few things surrounding this movie that I need to talk about, because don’t let yourself think that this post is specific to the movie itself and its performance. I’m far too easily distracted to do something like that, almost entirely because there do not seem to be any reason not to. Continue reading