Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action [Tea Tales]

Every now and then I get off my squarely firm butt to write about something truly spectacular. Ever since the expulsion of my negative energy I found myself less likely to rant on the internet, truly a blessing in disguise. Continue reading


Life is Strange (Tea Tales)

I needed a break from the Sunday session. The sun was getting in my eye, which I wouldn’t have minded so much had I’ve not been staring at the window.

Life is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. As to things that you couldn’t actually just google, I played it. Strangely enough, after finishing it about a month prior, I didn’t really think of writing about it at all. Perhaps I was getting burnt out on writing at the time, which is also every other time. Be that as it may, I am here now. Continue reading

Starcraft 2 (Tea Tales)

With Legacy of the Void’s official release, I suppose it’s time for me to finally put a wrapping around this franchise. Note that I’m not even pretending to know what’s going to happen with its competitive scene, so I won’t touch it at great length, if at all. I don’t write with a script though so who knows by the end. Most of the things I say will be pertaining to the official game’s narrative and how it stands and falls by itself and when poised against its predecessor. Continue reading

GTA V (Tea tales)

I never originally planned to write this, but since I finally got around to finishing the game after overcoming a myriad of bugs and other hindrances, and the fact that I’ve nothing else planned for the night, here it is. Now, I did the vast majority of the game’s mission, which took me some thirty hours. This was due to numerous crashes and problems with control schemes (which I will get to later), but there’s your disclaimer. Continue reading

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [Tea Tales]

I’m back with an old classic (unlike the new classics, whatever that means) duo games of KOTOR (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic). These are a series of RPGs under the Star Wars license, the first one developed by Bioware, and the second rushed out by Obsidian. Now, it’s been quite a few years, and I’m obviously playing KOTOR 2 with the restored content mod (Google it if you’re interested), so it’ll be these games at their best state. It’s funny how I keep chewing threw Bioware games, but that’s something else for another day. Regardless, Bioware and Obsidian have done plenty of wrongs, but let’s just go ahead and talk about the games. There will be spoilers, and the disclaimer is I’ve watched all the Star Wars movie only once, and I’ve not played The Old Republic MMO, instead only reading its plot.

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