Exulansis [On the Record]

Traffic was turning into a maze, but Kat wasn’t going to let that slow her down.

The wind casted off the hair-band holding together her blonde, flowing tresses. The sheer force of air current was enough to peel open her dark faux leather jacket by the zipper, revealing a white undershirt. Her deep navy jeans hugged the cold contours of the motorcycle. The vehicle, black seating and tank wrapped around the steel grey skeleton, stood out from the sea of brightly coloured mopeds sharing the same space. It sped through traffic lights, exerting immense pressure on the roads, which was poorly cemented and up to the neck in litter. Houses, heights flowing freely like a bad Tetris game, invaded the sidewalk with no consideration for safety distances. Every surface showed signs of age, with cracks, and yellow walls. Continue reading

Don’t look back that’s not where you’re going [On the Record]

# April 5th

“You alright”?

She ran, one hand covering her mouth and the other holding her stomach, off the dance floor and to the back of the bar.

“Guess not.”

Jenny pushed open the back door and stumbled out into the night. She found herself in what looked like an abandoned highway, but that was hardly of importance. The bathroom was not a place she could turn to, so this would have to be it. Soon enough, she was on all fours, staring at the cold, hard concrete slab. Continue reading