Sins [On the Record]

Prequel to Deliverance

Have I ever told you about insanity?

Now, don’t be afraid. I am not here to hurt you. I see your eyes, and the desperation embroidered in them. They’re crying out for help, what a pathetic creature you are. I do not mind. I do not judge. I am here to simply remind.

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Word – Chaos Mix [Off the Record]

Oh boy it’s time to wank about literature again.

From an honest, albeit low effort, review I recently received, I was exposed to an entirely new set of blogs and opinionated reviews (or read-throughs) on some of the more popular works of fiction. I was frankly ecstatic, as actually constructive criticism is very difficult to come by, especially on a technical matters. Now, a lot of you may not be aware of it (not that there are very many people who read this blog), but I was never properly trained as a writer. Best thing I was ever forced to study was how to write essays for ESL exams, which are all positively inane and completely devoid of any individuality.  Continue reading

A Wall [Off the Record]

A metaphorical one, I assure you.

The blog was devoid of content for a few weeks, before the ME update forced my hands, due to my being completely burnt out. For a responsibility, I was driven into writing simply too much too quickly on a piece based on a mediocre idea. It’s not on this site, because I’m simply not happy with it, despite the feedback that I received. It was a terribly rushed piece through and through, and the plot was poorly constructed, while being made to fit into a word limit that simply wasn’t made for it. I did finish it, and obtained what I needed, but I was completely out for a week or two. Continue reading

Amity Gaige [Off the Record]

I can’t believe how long it’s been.

Perfectly honest, I’ve been quite burnt out on quite a few things as of late and this keyboard not being entirely compliant to my world view isn’t very helpful either. Regardless, I felt like I owed it to at least myself to write something up, in its entirety, instead of starting and scarping every single first page like I’ve done for the past half a month or so. I get it, writer’s block, and I’ve been through this before. It doesn’t get better, still, but whatever. Continue reading