I’m Just a Blogger

Sometimes even I forget that this website was created as a variety blog, not an online portfolio – resume hybrid. Sometimes I take a look at all the things I’ve written up here and worry how people will think of me once these words start being attached to a face, or the name of an entity, instead of ‘just someone on the internet’. Nothing against those that dedicate their blogs to be those types of sites, but that’s just not me, really. Continue reading


Concerning the new blog theme

For those who have been following this blog (all 2 of you), you might have noticed the change to the general blog design. Instead of the darker, more elegant approach that I had before, I decided to take things in a different direction this time around. Focusing entirely on content, even going so far as to get rid of the image banner, this new blog theme (Tonal for those interested) puts better focus on what I write. I also found getting rid of the distracting side bar helped, although I don’t have actual number as to how useful they actually were.

For those, myself included, who actually have zero idea how to navigate within the theme, there should be a Home button on the top right of the main page that opens up categories, the same as the menu bar before, as well as some apps. Mostly search, archive and about.me was what I felt necessary. If you’re one of those who cares, pat yourself on the back for being special, and feel free to leave a comment.

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About Me

[Not pictured: me]

The profile page really isn’t a good place for this, so I might as well make a separate blog post dedicated to myself. Funny, with someone like me I’d have figured it would be the first thing I do. Apparently not, but it was only a matter of time. I don’t know if any of you had ever wondered who I am, or what kind of person I must be. Surely my views are well reflected throughout my writings, but none is quite as juicy as hearing it from the source itself. Continue reading

The Omelette Ode


That’s an omelette, don’t argue with me.

I never thought I’d go back to this place after that many years, only to realize how much my perception of the world has changed since then. My ego hasn’t shrunk even a little bit, but I suppose I can call myself much more hardened. At least I finally have a vision for this place. My retracting from all social networks demand an outlet of me, and tumblr has proven to be quite inadequate for my own purpose. Thus, I am here once again. As of right now, I have no intention to upgrade to WordPress Premium, so you might keep seeing tons of ads. I do apologize, but I’m not going to do a bloody thing about it.

Who am I you ask? I’m a person on the internet, and in all interests of objectivity, that’s all you really need to know. Fluff isn’t exactly my thing, but I will try my very best to not give a damn.

Welcome, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the brief time you spend here.