The Snow Queen [Off the Record]

Ah yes, ’tis the season to be hold, basking in the spirits of the Yultide spirit.

Or something, I don’t celebrate Christmas.

Although I’ve somewhat adjusted to the weather swinging 20 degrees within 20 hours, and snowing and raining alternating hell, I’ve yet to truly appreciate the Christmas spirit.

I remember spending this time last year wondering why people don’t just say ‘Merry Christmas’ anymore. ‘Happy Holidays’ had become the new de-facto, almost as if people are too afraid of offending someone else. As I said before, I don’t celebrate Christmas, nor do I believe in any religion (which is a statement, not a boast) , but honestly I’ve no idea. Do other religion object Christmas or something? I honestly can’t tell.

Random belated rant aside, I’ve recently gone to see a production of the children’s rendition of ‘The Snow Queen’ musical. I say that, what I really mean was that I ushered people through the door for about 45 minutes and thus got to see the rest of it for free. I’ve actually yet to read Anderson’s original until later at night once I’ve returned from the theatre. I’ve been told that Disney’s Frozen is based off of this story. I fail to see any relation, even loosely, except for the fact that it has to do with snow. The musical itself was a lot more similar to the source material, with actual people sharing the name and kind of a plot this time. Even then, as this is the children’s friendly version (where no one can do no wrong without a convoluted reason as to their utter inability to control themselves both physically and mentally), a – appropriately misunderstood – villain was made. Now, I’m not going to judge the plot, since it’s a children’s show.

Instead, I do appreciate people here in America getting children to be so involved in theatre. I’m not sure how exactly often or relatively popular this is, but it’s nevertheless a lot more than what I’ve experienced previously. There was autograph-signing as well, and some sort of kid’s club. Once again I stood guard, but I could almost see the genuine pleasure within those actors in saying ‘Thank you’ for the millionth time.


Then again the performance itself wasn’t bad at all. While my seat is one of the worst seats in the house and completely unable to see actor’s facial expressions, I could at least kind of hear the singing and the dancing and the ridiculous set changes. It was all kinds of endearing, albeit not terribly deep nor amazing.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen so many children gathered in once place. I’m not a fan of that usually (still not) but at the least I could see the positivity poured into all of the production. Just as I wrote this I remembered how the second performance later in the day was completely devoid of an actual person reading the opening.

But I digress.

At the end of the day, it is fairly late in the year, and school’s out. Let the young ones enjoy themselves. I’m of course one of them. Of course, while most will stay at home on Christmas Eve and enjoy their one parent in a Santa suit, I’ll curse at the snow and drink tea.

Like I always do.

Albeit with more flare, and lilies.


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