I’m Just a Blogger

Sometimes even I forget that this website was created as a variety blog, not an online portfolio – resume hybrid. Sometimes I take a look at all the things I’ve written up here and worry how people will think of me once these words start being attached to a face, or the name of an entity, instead of ‘just someone on the internet’. Nothing against those that dedicate their blogs to be those types of sites, but that’s just not me, really.

I started this place to vent, and share my opinions within an enclosed space. My Twitter account was revamped specifically as a companion social site for this place, and I certainly don’t advertise the things I write. Perhaps it’s my extreme disdain of clickbait titles that are so very much prevalent within modern media, or perhaps I’m just lazy. I’m not building myself to be a martyr here, just someone who writes a lot. I may very well create an online portfolio in the near future, but this place will stay as is. I’m not sure what my followers expect from this blog, but I hope they do know that I will not change the direction that I’ve taken it. I’ll not do any intentional advertising. I’ll not make any money off of it. I’ll try my best to provide links and sources for materials I use, even if they’re from the public sector.

But I’m just a blogger, or at least the words written within the scope of The Omelette Ode.

I’m not a journalist on this site. I don’t do any investigative journalism or research. I don’t adhere to a code of conduct found amongst journalists, though I doubt the morals I apply here are inadequate. I sometimes comment on recent events, but I do not pretend to know more than I do, or put a lot of effort.

I’m not a columnist on this site. The kind of opinions I share here, while sometimes appropriately educated, are not to be taken as a representative of anything. I do this kind of work elsewhere, and get paid for it. This blog is where I vent, and is free to express all kinds of heinous opinions, but I suppose that’s subjective.

I’m not a poet on this site. Certainly, I can’t write a decent poem to save my life. That hasn’t stopped me before, in fact I have to poems up here. However, I’m notoriously bad at it and would claim nothing of the less.

I’m not an author on this site. Sure, all the things I uploaded here are of my own design, and hand-crafting them were certainly not any laughing matter. However, I do not attach anything but the most basic creative license to them. It’s there to be seen and enjoyed/criticised, not sold. I’m also certainly not looking for any kind of hugbox to dump my creative investment into, so have fun with it. Don’t steal them though, a note.

On this site, I’m a blogger. I know very well how run-on and unnecessarily long this message has been, but I felt it was something worth making a point out of. It’s most likely to help with my own insecurity, of a fear that I may have somehow lost my way. Still, I’m here in the end, and the internet will never let me die.


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