I haven’t watched TV in a solid 2 years or so. Hell, the only reason I did before was because I lacked constant accessible internet connection. Needless to say any news stories that I happen to come across would merely be because of my circle of social network and websites. What it does it giving a very tilted world view. I see only the things I want to see, or at least semi-interested in. Everything else matters not to me. It’s a focused style of information gathering, pretty much.

The consequences, of course, is that most of my news revolve around the entertainment industry rather than world politics. Now this I don’t really mind, as I’ve no interest in politics, or its everyday struggle. However, it’s also being selectively ignorant. There are times when I wonder whether or not I’m actually alright with the way that this was going.

Then I go for a walk and think again: “Do I even have the time to be worried about this?”. The answer is no. Call me ignorant all you like, and you’re probably correct. I don’t know about these subjects of the Gaza border or whatever, nor how North Korea is doing. Hell I don’t even know when China’s going to invade my home country again. Frankly I can’t care. Not because I enjoy not knowing, but more because I don’t have time for it. Everyone is busy in their own ways, and some people’s works are more highly respected than others. However, most people are occupied with their lives as it is. Far too many people view news as entertainment, yet set straight on discussing them. It’s a half-ass approach. Sure, they might know more than I do, but they offer absolutely zero extra insights.

But then what is news? What news ARE worth knowing? I don’t know myself. I’m fully aware that many information I’ve learnt today will be gone by tomorrow, or a few days down the line. I never expected anything less. Sometimes the news last a bit longer, like that time Robin Williams died. I’ve no idea who he is, so it was just another day, but it was interesting to see how much that goes around my circle. Is that worth knowing? I presume some thousands of people are being killed in a war somewhere, is that worth knowing?

Probably not.

I can’t know everything, so why should I bother with those that I cannot change, and does not directly affect me. I really just don’t have time for it.

That and writing a 1000 words blog, although this place’s been lacking that lately.

Newspaper source, pun intended.


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