Social Fatigue



I want to preface this piece by specifying that this is only for socialisation in general, not talking with someone who are personally very close to you. This is because I have certainly spent days just staying in the house and interacting with the same two people, that is not my family by the way, and had no problems with it. That and spending hours and hours on the phone due to complications of a relationship. What I am talking about, however, is simply being around other people you are not close with for an extended period of time. I have only experienced this a few times, especially after the recent camping trip I went on. I was there with nine other people, and while they are all decent people that I would not mind being in company of once in a while, spending two days and two nights with them was something that I truly did not prepare for.

Know that this does not mean I flipped the shit out or anything like that. It was perfectly manageable to be around other people you only shallowly know. They are certainly friends, do not get me wrong, just not the kind I would be willing to spend that much time with if I had a choice. This is essentially being burnt out on socialising. I find myself by the end of the second night practically crawling up to myself. My interactions were highly minimal, that and I was also bored out of my mind. It is not like there was anything particularly meaningful to do during camping than hike during the day and hurdle around the camp fire during the night anyways. Being perfectly honest, I enjoyed the experience, just not to that degree. However, only then did I realise how much this retroactively explained a lot of my behaviour.

This brings my school life to much greater light. Obviously everyone has their own line of social fatigue that they will eventually cross, and then being surrounded by random people cease being just another Friday night. Put that into a school context where you see the exact same people day in and day out, six out of seven days a week. Sure, I was lucky enough to have a decent sized group to hang around with, but there are still those other being within sight. It gets somewhat taxing on my tolerance after a good while. Far too many exchanges from (semi)intelligent sentient humanoids tend to lead to this.

It could very much be a cultural thing as well. I can be extremely talkative and asserting within a six or fewer people group, and I feel that is where I am most comfortable. There are just enough people to offer up different personalities and opinions without being washed out, as well as creating an environment for a captive audience. Someone like me does not work well with not having the full attention of the majority, and I reckon this is cultural. I might simply be a poor observer of course, but it simply has not come up for those used to such norms.

Being perfectly honest, I am not sure what the point of this was. Probably to remind myself to be considerate when it comes to recognising social fatigue in general. People have far different tolerance level, of course, and thus you should apply the same to them.

There is also a slight chance that what I just said is painfully obvious to everyone, but hey.


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