I figure one of these days it would be best for me not to rant on how terrible everything is. Honestly, I do not at all mean to. If I truly hated the world, I would not want to have any place in it. While it’s true that I have had struggles in the past, and no doubt more in the future, I am still here because those hardships are not worth giving up everything for. Anyone who knows me offline knows how much of a music person I am. I’m an arts person in general, all kinds in fact. However, there’s no harm but taking a focus on music for half an hour.

Frankly speaking, my existence has music plastered all over it. I bring it to anywhere I can with me, and regardless of what emotions I happen to feel in turn of listening, it nevertheless betters me. Perhaps I sound far too stuck up for my own good, but I have standards when it comes to music, even though I do not have a specific taste. I ‘dabble’ in almost any genres and conventions I can get my hands on, prepared to go as far as to seek out music of languages I do not understand. I’ve always felt that if someone is good enough that she or he can sing the song through the rhythm and the rhyme, I do not need to understand the words to enjoy them. It is true that I must in order to fully appreciate them, but my capacity is nonetheless limited.

I truly condone diversity, at least when it comes to art. Looking at my Spotify playlists right now, I am confident enough to say that there is a reasonable amount of music here for everyone. I am speaking in context of where I am and the people I hang out with of course, although I doubt it could be any worse should I travel half way around the world. Although I am somewhat limited by my own control of foreign languages (English being the exception), I feel reasonably welcoming. It does take quite a bit of willingness to accept things that were not conventional for fifteen years on television, or is one of those things your immediately family plays for you all the time. I suppose thanking them for having a good taste in music makes me sound like a smug bastard, as my taste is obviously heavily influenced, but I am going to do it anyway. Considering the fact that I’m neither a pop fan nor a pop hater, I would say I am doing pretty well.

It is far more enjoyable to incorporate music in most things in life. That walk down to the shuttle every morning would not have been nearly as enjoyable without the notes building up a red carpet for me to walk down. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy the silent dreams as much as the next person, but when I feel like getting motivated, music does the job. I have a large enough collection at my fingertips that I would never run out of contextual tunes. It is indeed a wonderful feeling. It is really hard to recommend people music out of their comfort zone, I tend to find, and thus their perception of it becomes seriously distorted. I know fully well that a lot of preferences are taste, and I am fine with it. However, taste sometimes can only justify so much.

We have had this forever, but I have a bone to pick against manufactured music. It is also the reason why I would never actively willingly listen to radio anywhere ever. Things played on the radio are usually what’s made for the radio, and thus made to appeal to as many people as possible. Whatever passion the artist has, being forced to appeal to the lowest common denominator will never produce quality, simply because quality was never the aim. Do not get me wrong, I once again have to state that I do not dislike pop music. A simple fact with them is that too much of it is manufactured, thus not worth listening to. Instead of experiencing a vision crafted with techniques and passion, I am sucking at the same candy bar made for everyone else, and I would rather not.

This is essentially the same thing with all kinds of arts, as if they are not willing to make quality product, but instead use targeted marketing with the same kind of user just to appease the masses, what we will receive is essentially the same thing plastered all across the market. It kills any hope of originality and meaning, and instead replaced with literally jargon and the same thirty seconds dubstep cycles. This, coupled with the homogenisation, creates sub par iterations that becomes more popular just because it is easier to listen to. In context, think of Elvis.

Either way, I do not feel the need to dwell on the negative for too long. After all, all the bads have been happening since forever, and we still get the goods, albeit harder to find among all that is pretty much trash. Thus, I would not be too pessimistic.

Terrible music is the last to worry about.

Floating musical notes


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