Slow Down



There are many reasons I do not support conventional maturity, especially as I grow older. It’s unnecessarily idolised and creates drones. Regardless, I cannot ignore the fact that I have learnt quite a lot simply by witnessing the transition of many. There are a few things that simply does not seem to change with age, and one of them has to be the sheer rush of living, burdened on everyone’s shoulders the day they became self-aware. It sticks with people throughout their lives; and with how economies are going right now, most will not be able to have a decent living once they retire. Then they sit and contemplate whether or not they have wasted their lives perpetuating another life exactly like theirs.

Frankly, I don’t condone substance abuse, and I say that loosely. It’s usually nothing but a waste of time, because I would rather use those that is available to me to be productive. However, it took me an embarrassing number of years before I realise that I was constantly burnt out by my passions, by my desire to give it all I have. This is, I suppose, can be called the live-everyday-like-it-is-your-last kind of syndrome. I was told from a young age that this is how I can make sure I leave no regrets behind, that I can die a happy person once my time comes. That is most likely why I stubbornly stick to waking up at six a.m. everyday, rain or shine. I still do that now, but mostly out of habit rather than forcing myself into one. I used to think it was the right thing to do, but now I understand that it is the only right thing for me to do.

Back to the subject at hand, I find myself procrastinating quite often. A lot of people do. In fact, almost everyone I know does, and the rest I simply have not asked or observed yet. It makes me sound like a lazy bum, but when was the last time people just sit the hell down anymore? No, not with your laptop on your phone, nor the TV or the Netflix on the fridge door. I’m talking about just sitting down, not sleeping mind you, that’s like poison, and do nothing for a while. I get that yoga is somewhat similar, but I do not equate simply because you have to make a conscious effort to do it. The same goes for things like marijuana, which simply makes you that way. What I really mean is when you just sit down and participating in zero distractions. I notice myself not doing that a lot anymore, Being completely sober, focused and full of energy, why would I just sit down?

It is rather funny. Life is but a series of perception. I keep myself busy always, then keep finding how time is passing by so fast. I am not old by any means but, many people actually are. Accompanied by nostalgia, I suppose everyone will just feel the weight of their age on their shoulders. I know fully well that if I just want to enjoy life without it heavily affecting my future, I can sit the bloody hell down, and stare at the window for about five minutes. Everyone has five minutes in their days, but they would rather spend it on distractions, when times are sparse. You never seem to have enough time while doing that. If you get rid of those things during your rest, you will see how time just slow down for you, and you only. When you’re counting second by second, you have all the time in the world.

I know it’s far to expecting, of myself and everyone else, but I know we can all afford to lose a day or two.




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