False Hope



More and more I am thankful for the ability to experience nigh everything I could think of by the simpler virtue of being here in California. Las Vegas was one of them. Yes, I know fully well that it isn’t in California. Regardless, that’s not at all what I came here for. I’m sure we’ve all heard of horror stories, or sometimes miracles, happening in Sin City. While nobody actually ever takes “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” thing seriously, there is quite many things people have a reason not to speak of. It’s much less shameful or embarrassing and more hangover-dose exertion. You cannot speak of Vegas without gambling, whores or drugs. For the purpose of this demonstration, let’s only focus on gambling. There is quite a bit to talk about, but there’s nothing that sets the mood quite like a story.

Where I come from, gambling is a rather widespread activity. The problem, however, is that it is banned nationwide and seen as a form of social corruption. Of course, looking at that list, I am far from surprised. Whether it’s the Western influences or simply logic, I have never quite been taken in by such things. Regardless, open-ended gambling has always been prosecutable, thus being on a casino floor in Vegas was quite the experience. I know gambling, at least the basics of it: the games and the machines will always have their advantage tilted the house assuming normal distribution and fair play. And nothing is ever fair in . I have made notes measuring success rates, and the results are far more interesting than I thought. Before anyone screams at me, no, I did not lose money to gambling in Vegas. However, my profit was just enough to buy a hat and a deck of cards, so it’s not like I have anything to show for it either. There are reasons for this, but it’s not something I can willingly share on the internet. The point of it, however, was to simply look at how many people are willing to essentially throw away their hard-earned money, knowing fully well that they are probably not going to be one of the lucky winners in gambling.

Be noted, I have absolutely account the fact that some people just like to play the gambling game for whatever reasons. Surely you could do just the same thing by an app on your digital device of sort, and if you’re gambling in Vegas chances are you can afford one of those. Yet people still like to play these games why? It is rather simple: a promise of profit. Don’t get me wrong, they are playing the same video games that people do on their smartphone, the only difference is the stakes. One put in a few dollars to play indefinitely, the other put money in every time with a promise of a return. Because casino is still a thing, most people lose money in a casino. Money is a funny thing, but that’s just how things are. I can tell the people just exactly how much astronomical their odds are at winning the slots, and they would not give a single toss. They have a ‘feel’ as to how lucky they must be to break even, let a lone make a decent profit. Yet they do it anyways. Hope is a funny thing, but false hope is even funnier.

Math, statistics and even common sense tells you that gambling against machines in Vegas is futile for all except the very few. However, because the odds do not increase the less people participating, the only that decreases should the number of people trying do the same would be the prizes of the winner. The house still wins, always. This is an obvious fact, but we never really care for it. We all hope to be that one in thousands to win it big, not realising that the best course of action, or should I say the safest, would be not to be involved at all. Statistic taught me that, but I was never one who believed statistics.

I mean, if no one played, then no one could have won?

False hope is essentially believing in the outlier, something that classes would rather you ignore. I have to say, I certainly don’t feel like doing so at all. You can say I’m urging you to irresponsibly spend your money, and you would be absolutely correct. However, it’s only irresponsible if you lose.


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