The LEGO Movie [Tea Tales]


So I went to see the LEGO Movie the other day, on premier night I might add, so I figured I might as well write about it. No, I actually didn’t bring tea to a movie theatre at 10 in the afternoon to watch a movie about LEGOs, but I don’t have any better working title. This also means that this blog post contains spoilers, so don’t read it if you haven’t watched it yet. If you skipped this part and get spoiled by the end, know that it’s your own bloody fault. Also, there are a few things surrounding this movie that I need to talk about, because don’t let yourself think that this post is specific to the movie itself and its performance. I’m far too easily distracted to do something like that, almost entirely because there do not seem to be any reason not to.

Firstly, yes, this movie, at least where I saw it, was exclusively in 3D. Obviously, I mean 3D render. Also rather obviously, it was terrible. 3D has proved itself to be the most widespread bullshit gimmick I’ve seen for a long time. It offers nigh zero improvements to the movie watching experience of almost any movie in existence, and compounded with the fact that I wear glasses, it’s exclusively a detrimental aspect. People are becoming more and more indifferent to it, and that bothers me so much. Maybe it is because it’s America, that could be it. I even see something about ‘the Real D’. Aside from the fact that sounds a lot like a penis enhancement advertisement, it’s also hints at yet another ‘improvement’ looming over the entertainment industry, something that has been kept alive far too long on nothing but sanitised rehashed product and bad gimmicks. That said, this is the only none-movie thing I have to complain about, so I guess that’s a good thing.

It’s time to get to the movie itself. The movie, in its entirety, has zero story. Instead, it was a chain of set pieces strung together under the premises of the universe, which makes sense, but doesn’t actually do anything. I suppose you could say ‘a kid getting to play with his dad’s stuff by making up a plot’ is fine. Still, I’d be hard pressed to be impressed by that, or the supposed ‘message’ for that matter. I make no speculations, but the plot is about as cheesy as you can get. You say there’re deviations and comedic effects created by this being in a kid’s head. I say that kid has quite the imagination, but it doesn’t make his version any better. While I can appreciate the reality of the fact that Emmett gets where he is entirely because he was lucky, and not at all because he deserves a thing; I don’t think that’s quite what the director was going for. I have to say, I understand its effort to make a parody of heroism in social construct, but the very fact that it is a LEGO movie heavily undermine those intentions. Not necessarily to say that’s bad, but it is a bit misplaced. The romance tact on, however, was entirely unnecessary, the same as about 95% of all creative fiction. As much of comic relief as it was, it was also entirely cringe-worthy from start to finish. Even worse than that, is the blatant ‘everyone is special’ message slapped on the the latter half of the movie, which while amusingly ironic, would be the last one I want to broadcast. I’ll talk about it at a later date, but very clearly, everyone is not special, and it’s highly delusional to expect anything even remotely close to it.

With all of that out of the way, I say this is one of the best movies made in recent history. I’m not saying that because this movie is bad but is better than most of everything else because they were terrible. No, this movie was rather good. The biggest selling point of the LEGO movie that it’s very funny. Funny in the sense of genuine enthusiasm and situational comedy, and not that kind of low-brow low-effort humour that is every single Adam Sandler movie ever, or most kids comedy, or comedy in general for that matter. The jokes are quite clever, and not in a complicated or reference-filled kind of way. Yes, you have to be aware of some of the cultural comic and television tropes in order to quite understand everything that was going on, but it’s not a requirement. To me, and I honestly can’t give a toss if it was intentional or not, the movie was entirely about fun, and dumb enjoyment. I gained nothing out of it but having a good time, but that’s enough for me. Unlike some tragic effort, namely the newer Harry Potter movies, or something like Prometheus for example, I immensely immersed in my 80 something minutes spent on this film. I would never want to see it again, but I will also not hesitate to recommend it. Hell, it has the Lonely Island singing its theme song. If that’s not obvious I don’t know what is.

Also, everything is not awesome, and I’d hate that song even more the more people keep singing it.

Pictured: an unnecessary piece of plastic found here


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