Mint Tea [On the Record]

My eyes light up.

I see the beauty of it all. What is this, if not paradise? The hammock gradually swings, as my mind resonates as one with the scenery. The sheer delight is only compounded by the soothing harps, evoking my every sense at a turn. I smile weakly. Is this my reward, for always staying straight, being the best person I can be? I have little doubt, as the vista reveals itself before me. I can see the infinitely stretching twisting river, running its way across the mountain path. Such a beauty has long been uncommon. The pollution of the new world has brought nothing but destruction and suffering, but I have always been virtuous. I fight for what I think is right, and this is my return. It was not easy to live a perfect life, with temptations at every turn. So easy it is to fall for the sins, as they become increasingly prevalent amongst even my own circle. However, I have managed to propel it all. Those inviting words, full of false promises and dark ulterior motives, cannot touch me. I remain true to none but myself and He who has blessed me with this. I have always known, without the slightest uncertainty, that He will bring me deliverance. My parents are so distressed when I am stricken with illness, but they need not be. Mother and father, it is simply His last test, and I have no other plan but to stay true to Him to the end.

I see the beauty of it all. This heavenly kingdom, spans further than my eyes can see. Looking up, I can see the angels circling the light, their books of judgement open. It is such an inspiring sight, knowing that the world shall once again be purified, ridden of all of those filth brought about by the transgression of mankind. Those who, instead of looking for the righteous path of Him, chose to commit atrocities, shall be smitten by the wrath of the divine. For so long have I tried to convince them of their wrong doings, but free will allowed them the comfort, the illusion that somehow their actions will never turn against them. Such naïve individuals those sinners were, if only they had held such a faith. Still, I feel sorry for those who has had unfortunate missteps on their way to judgement day. Every evil deed shall be punished, and while He is ever forgiving, one must first atone for one’s travesty. The path up the walkway shall be a long and taxing one, but I have no doubt that with enough faith, those who truly deserve to will make it here regardless. Then, I will join them, in an eternity of existing at His side. We shall, together, enjoy the sparkling river water, the forever ripe fruits from all across the land, and the music truly worthy of His presence.

The ray of light intensifies, erecting a beam striking straight down at the mortals. The cleansing has begun, and soon the world shall know eternal happiness. Rapture has come, and I am the first to welcome all. I hear cries of distraught, and the sound of the mountains crumbling. These screams are but music to my ears, for I have known true liberation. Those Earthly bodies do nothing but limit our potential, and those virtuous of mankind shall know no limits, once they have passed their tests. Time no longer has any relevancy, for all I hear is rapture, all I taste is love, and all I see is perfection. Raising a glass of the most marvellous ambrosia, I witness the fall of sins. I am truly gifted, to be favoured with such a pleasure. Soon enough, the music ceases, as the world has come to silent. I bring myself to stand up, and approach the stairway. I await those pure souls walking up at any moment.

Perhaps it has been hours, perhaps an epoch, yet I see no one. Perplexed, I ask myself what could have been wrong. Surely He is aware of this, but He cannot make mistakes. I have anticipated my reunion with my loved ones on this paradise, but none of them seem to have made it pass the tests. In fact, I do not see another soul. The harps have began playing again long ago, but I cannot bother. I have stood here, free of exhaustion, but full of anxiety. Time passes like but an instant, and I am soon faced with the truth, the obvious truth. Never have I thought of the sins of those close to me. They have all lived honourable lives, but none has had the faith I did, or shared the virtues I had. They were believers at heart, but they have crossed His teachings. Their punishment, whatever be, is well deserved. It is something difficult to come to terms with, but I have all the time I need. I will be past of it, eventually.

Sitting on the wobbling surface, I cannot help but think of the past. I never though I would not see my family, nor my friends again. Surely, they were good people. Yet never again will they be united with me, so I can further spread the teachings of His love. Never will they join me up in this promised land, to bask in the everlasting love of God. I begin to question my own willingness to spend the rest of days here, without the company of those I took solace in. I lived a life free of misdeeds, shall this be the fruits of my labour? I take a sip of the chalice left before me, looking to qualm my longings with the sweetness of angel.

I taste only blood.


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