Internet Anonymity


For all the two people who actually realize that I haven’t put up anything in a week, here’s a bit of a quick run down. I have a job now, one that pays fairly well in fact, and my living conditions could not be any better. This means my earning money no longer has to care about dodging taxation. All of this are good things, maybe except for the fact that I’m now bloody busy. After struggling with the system for about a week, I’m here to tell you what kind of compromise everyone’s living in.

It was rather easy for me to stay low key for the first few months after arriving. Essentially I was nameless, faceless to anyone who isn’t aware of my immediate living arrangements. That had to change quickly enough, as taking advantage of services offered everywhere I go, my records have been logged thousands of times. It’s a tag that everyone who’s here legitimately has. It could be called a leash, for those who are less optimistic. I was aware of all of this happening, of course, but I always tried to stay away from official records as much as possible. It didn’t feel right to me, as to while I don’t plan on committing mass murder, I don’t plan on getting my whereabouts logged in everywhere either. It was a difficult thing to balance, but then the NSA scandal happened. Hilarious is the best way to describe all of that, as suddenly everyone starts listening to the guy in the corner with a tinfoil hat. It’s amazing that such a possibility had not occurred to anyone before. Even more amazing is that people think they could do something about it.

The U.S government has been keeping a record on everyone for quite a long time now. That much should be obvious to anyone who’s being honest and thinking clearly, and the law has never mattered. There’s a lot of irony surrounding everything that was happening back then, both from the pathetic cover-up being put up as well as the public outcry. However, this isn’t a chat room. Hypocrisy never matters, as no one wins by having the most imaginary internet points. I was fully aware of this before I arrive, and now I’m here, a year later, and everything has gotten worse. That much should have been obvious as well, but I guess no one can expect a shred of progress forward to be made, ever.

You’re probably wondering what’s the point of all this. Well, there really isn’t one. I simply wanted to say how pointless everything is. “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither” . That’s right, Ben Franklin was a bloody idiot saying that. He apparently is not aware of how reality works, or that quote was taken heavily out of context.  It’s actually probably the latter, as these words were butchered and twisted in so many ways that no one even knows what the actual quote was anymore. Either way, there are still people hanging onto it, or their own idealized version of it; and those people certainly have problems of their own, because most “quotable” quotes are either unrealistic at best and offensively naive at worst. That’s for a different post though. My point, is that no one should rather complain that act. If you don’t strive for change, whining of hardship is helpful to no one but yourself, to make you feel like what you say means something.

Don’t take me as someone who supports any of this, as that’d be rather hilarious in and of itself. I make my name being the person people listen to yet don’t know about. However, as I have absolutely zero interest in changing the system, your criticisms are lost on me. In the words of George Carlin, I’m essentially someone who’s forced to choose to stay out. If you want to work for the best, all power to you, but I probably won’t be with you even after you succeeded.


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